Unity Candle
Designs for Weddings

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Unity Candle has become a treasured moment for many brides and grooms over the years. Symbolic of two individuals becoming as one, these wedding candles become loved remembrance of the wedding day.

Decorating Wedding Candles
with Fresh Flowers

I love looking for different ways to turn simple white or colored pillar candles into beautiful wedding candles. I've seen tall taper candles, chunky square candles, personalized candles and other designs used for this ceremony ritual.

The picture below is different by using flowers creatively. An offset bouquet uses the two taper candles, and the pillar candle stands alone with an OASIS Design ring holding flowers around the candle.

This candle is different because it was placed in a large goblet. The ring of flowers around the bottom was created on an small OASIS Design Ring.

The next wedding candle set has an unusual dropped edge that creates an interesting design. Ribbons can be added as that match the colors of the wedding.

Adding pearl headed pins and criss-crossed ribbon turned this plain pillar candle into a lovely wedding candle. The base is an OASIS Design Ring filled with pink flowers.

Elevating your candle on candlesticks will add height and make it easier for your guests to see the lighting of the candles.

Above photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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