Unity Candle
Ceremony Flowers

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Unity candle ceremony flowers should match the rest of your wedding decor. You can easily turn a simple pillar candle into a breathtaking display with a simple Oasis ring or cages.

The lovely design below is made with decorative lily grass, yellow spider mums, yellow carnations and leatherleaf fern. You can easily change the colors to match your wedding scheme.

Photo courtesy of John Henry - "Wedding Traditions". All rights reserved.

An OASIS Jumbo Cage is wonderful for making your own florals for your church decorating. It is filled with a large piece of Oasis foam, and has a flat bottom. It is broad enough to create a large arrangement that won't rock or tip over. Be sure to protect any wood surfaces that you use this one, since the foam must be soaked in water.

The individual candle tapers can be made in an OASIS Iglu , which is a smaller cage of foam well suited for smaller arrangements.

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