Unique Wedding Invitation Wording

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Find inspiration for unique wedding invitation wording in poetry books, the Bible, greeting cards or from the cards below.

The key to being unique is to choose something that projects you and your groom's personality.

Invitation wording has come a long way since the stiffly "proper" thees and thous of the early century invitations!

Humor, romantic sayings, cute rhymes and tender sentiments are all acceptable. It is wise, however, to keep the sentiments short and to the point.

Once you've chosen the wording, you can continue to personalize the invitations with color and different kinds of font.

Then you can choose the style you like, including pocket, self sealing, layers, vellum, engraved or themography.

Your wedding invitations should be as original as you are, creating a beginning impression with a promise of the lovely ceremony you have planned!

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