Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique wedding ideas are hard to come by. Brides are very creative today and chances are "it's been done"! But I'll add more to my list below whenever I see something or a "light bulb" moment happens!

Unique Wedding Ideas #1 - Something old, something new

Many brides are working hard to bring the memories of their families into their wedding decorating. I saw a beautiful ideas suggested about the Mother's wedding flowers.

Instead of the usual wrist or pinned corsage, why not recreate your mother's and/or mother-in-law's wedding bouquets? Surprise them with a recreation of the wedding bouquet THEY carried on that very special day in their lives. Match the Dad's with similar boutonnieres. You will have to provide the florist with a good picture (and description of the colors if in black and white!)

Unique Wedding Ideas #2 - Create a Slideshow

Create a slideshow of pictures from birth of both bride and groom, growing up years and into engagement and casual pictures of the the couple.

Few things evoked more emotion that the slideshow at my daughter's wedding. Create it on a simple program and scan pictures onto your computer.

I knew I was going to do this for her wedding, so I made an extra point to take lots of "intimate" and fun pictures of them throughout their engagement year. I included pictures of both parent's weddings and pictures of both moms pregnant! (We were both having our babies at almost the same time!)

I was sure to put up pictures of both of them at the same age. We finished with a "morphed" image of both of them from babyhood to present. (Think of the television show "Roseanne" which the characters morphed from beginning to end). This was a amazing finish and we received lots of compliments on it.

Unique Wedding Ideas #3 - Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

We scattered small photo albums all around the reception hall with pictures of the happy couple. This allowed us to "show off" the beautiful engagement pictures as well as copies of parent's and grandparent's wedding pics.

This kept the guests occupied and mingling together while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive for their big entrance!

Look for other creative places to place old and new photographs. Guests love looking at these pictures and take many down a trip on memory lane! We placed pictures of the Mom and Dad's AND Grandparent's cutting THEIR wedding cakes around my daughter's wedding cake.

Unique Wedding Ideas #4 - Let there be LIGHT!

There are so many new cordless lighting products that are being introduced to give your wedding bouquets, corsages and centerpieces an extra glow!

Safer than candles, these little lights are becoming a very affordable option!

Unique Wedding Ideas #5 - Beautiful Scents

In addition to a Powder room flower arrangment, leave a basket with makeup samples, perfume samples and more for your guests convenience.

This was VERY popular with our guests and many exclaimed over the "extra" gift for them to slip in their pocketbooks.

Creative Wedding Idea #6 - Calling Cards

Taken from the olden days when calling cards were left at each home, create your own with the help of a computer. Business size cards with your new names and address (and phone numbers and e-mail addresses, if you wish) can be left in an attractive bowl or basket by the guest book or picture.

These cards are easy to slip into wallets and purses to add to their address book later.

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