Unique Wedding Decorations

Unique wedding decorations that are easy to make can save you a lot of dollars on your wedding budget! Here is an easy idea for a colorful centerpiece that uses an Oasis Design Ring.

Materials needed:

    OASIS® Ideal Design Ring,* 10.5"
    Coloured Paper
    Votive Candles
    OASIS® Cutting Tools
    Flowers of your choice

Either using a portable laminator or self-laminating sheets from an office supply store, seal coloured paper to make it waterproof.

Float soak the OASIS 10.5" Design Ring upside down in water treated with fresh flower food until it is completely saturated. Fix the laminated paper inside the ring base using hot melt glue.

Start the arrangement design by covering the ring with foliage first. Next, place your flowers in the ring, cutting the end of the flower stems at an angle.

This will help to put the flowers into the foam much easier and allows them take up more water. The stems should be put into the foam 2"-4". Fill the inside of the ring with water.

Float some pretty candles inside the centerpiece and let your guests enjoy!

Design by Steffen Laible for Smithers-Oasis. All rights reserved.

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