Unique Wedding Cakes

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These gorgeous and unique wedding cakes have been crafted and designed by the masters at Wilton Industries. The unusual cake below is actually constructed of fondant. Stunningly simple, it definitely falls into a unique catagory all it's own!

This cake is is called "The Crystal Bridge" and has delicate royal icing bands enclosing the cake. This cake can be easily adapted to any color wedding scheme by using the fresh flowers of your choice.

This lovely confectionery looks like a delicate blanket covering over the cake. It is called "Brocade Brilliance" and can have extra layers added if needed.

Smooth white icing dotted with icing roses and banded with a chocolate ribbon of fondant. "The Flower Show" would BE a showstopper when presented at your wedding reception.

Paisley Wilton cake pans were used to create the unusual shape of this cake. Isn't it awesome?

Photos courtesy Wilton Industries. All rights reserved.

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