Unique Wedding Cake Pictures

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Unique wedding cake pictures. Many free spirited brides are looking for different ideas on how to make their cake stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these pictures of and find YOUR favorite!

This wedding cake photo certainly shows a definite attitude! With a bight off-set design and over-the-hill colors, it outright screams for attention! Can you imagine it in hot pink?

Curly strips of fondant in pastel colors blankets the tops of each of layer of this wedding cake.

The folks at Wilton Cakes call this a fireworks cake, in honor of the Micky and Minne Mouse Topper. Tiny hearts are glued onto tons of curly ribbon all over the cake.

This unique wedding cake is covered with ribbons made from spun sugar! It has such a shimmery flow to it!

The lattice work on this unique wedding cake isn't made of plastic - it is actually royal icing! The cake separators are covered with floral paper and fresh roses are tucked in between the satellite cakes.

Isn't this chocolate masterpiece a beauty? Everything is drenched in chocolate, including the monogram cake topper! Mmmmm . . . I'm ready to dig in right now.

The cake bakers at Wilton Cakes are master craftsmen (or women) in what they do! This Neapolitan beauty start with chocolate covered layers and are covered with stripes of ice cream colored fondant. Even the globe separators are wrapped in pastel fondant.

This wedding cake photo shows a fun spring cake covered with daisies! Perky fondant daisies drift around the borders and cover the pillars. The brightly colored strips ushers in Spring with a bang!

I've heard brides refer to this cake as a Circles Wedding Cake. With a different color of icing on every layers, this one certainly merits attention.

The simplicity of this cake is it's biggest asset. Pearls, pearls, pearls are always in fashion. From the pearl-look fondant garlands to the pearl-finish golobe separators, this rounded design is sure to delight many brides.

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