Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

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These unique wedding cake toppers are waaayyy beyond the traditional bride and groom figures!

Fill a beautiful antique teacup full of fresh or gumpaste flowers that match your other wedding florals.

Petunias don't usually last as wedding flowers - but these gumpaste ones look so real you'll want to plant them!

This delicate filigree heart is made out of icing for a fantastic top for your cake.

A literal "fountain of icing". Dainty fiber lines are dotted with icing and come bursting out of your cake.

This tall chapel is a certain attention grabber.

Now this is a change - a miniature fountain ON TOP of the cake rather than on the bottom.

Up, up and away in a remarkable balloon topper decorated with icing and ribbons.

This awesome creation was made by the specialists at Wilton.

Colorful heart fondant cutouts are a cute way to coordinate this sweet cake.

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