Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

These unique outdoor wedding ideas were custom designed to fit this venue. Everything from the size of the florals to the custom painting of each urn and vase to match the flagstones of the patio. See the first decorations of this wedding by clicking here.

The bride wanted to be married in front of a fountain that graced the end of a rose garden. Matching the flowers in the foreground, I painted two very large urns and placed them on either side of the fountain. I also placed a large, cascading spray in front of the angle statue above the fountain.

Because the bride's bouquet was very large and heavy, I painted an extra urn and also placed it on the edge of the fountain. That way the maid of honor didn't have to hold both hers and the bride's bouquet during the ceremony.

The large urns were lovely, yet didn't detract from or overpower the beauty of the fountain.

See why I emphasize that the arrangements must be large? This looks small against the fountain statue, yet this arrangement was over eight feet wide and several feet of cascade!

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