Unique Flower Girl Baskets

Create unique flower girl baskets by adding special touches in addition to the flowers. Plush animals, feathers, butterflies . . whatever sparks your imagination!

Wire a stuffed teddy bear or other animal into a small basket of posies and your little princess will be delighted to carry it down the aisle. It will give her a precious momento of your wedding long after the day is over.

Or design your own "doggie" out of white pomps nestled against other darker flowers. Add google eyes and ribbon for a collar.

Flowers can actually be glued OUTSIDE of the basket with floral adhesive, which is kinder to the flowers than hot glue. Be sure to spray thoroughly with a flower sealant after creating this lovely basket.

Find a pretty small fabric covered basket and, using a plastic liner, create a lovely arrangement of white roses and feathers.

Take a standard woven basket and use flower adhesive to glue different colors of roses over the outside. Seal throughly with Finishing Touch and keep cool until used.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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