Unique Corsage Ideas

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I love these unique corsage ideas! This first corsage is absolutely stunning! A cluster of three roses are nestled inside a cluster of carnations - then surrounded with the feathery exotic petals from a South African Pink Mink protea.

This corsage is a step away from the standard carnation or rose design. Made of yellow spider mums, the intricate look of the petals makes this wristlet different.

Prefer a pin-on? This long, slender flower design has the corsage gently hugging the neckline, rather than a usual cluster of flowers.

If you'd like to learn how to make corsages and boutonnieres, check out my easy flower tutorials for step-by-step photos. I carry all the products you need to design your own party or wedding flowers. Watch the slide show below to see gorgeous flower jewelry that can be used to enhance your wristlet.

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