Unique Church Flowers
for Weddings

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If you are looking for unique church flowers for weddings, check out the unusual florals below. Styled a little differently from the traditional "fan spray", these florals are usually mounted or wired to easels to make them freestanding.

This gorgeous wreath makes a bold splash of color for the front of a sanctuary. Notice the garden style of combining clusters of similar flowers.

These lavender gladiolus and roses mimic a hand tied bouquet with a large satin bow.

A fireside basket gives a garden feel to your wedding ceremony. These flowers actually do have a water source. They are cut and placed in florist foam. Then the extra stems are inserted on the backside into the foam. It gives the impression of a "just picked" bouquet.

Another version of the hand tied, see how impressive just a cluster of glads can be! These wonderful flowers come in a huge array of different colors and shades.

This unique "L" shaped arrangement would look very chic complimented by a "mirror" image on the opposite side of the sanctuary.

Photographs courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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