Unique Bridal Bouquets

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Unique bridal bouquets put a new "spin" on traditional favorites. Are you a free spirit? Do you like things just a little bit "off the wall"? Whether you like the look of the newest products by Smithers-Oasis or an innovative way to use pearl pins, the bouquets below are sure to live up to the titles of truly "unique wedding bouquets"!

Composite Bouquets

These flower bouquets are expensive not because of the materials - but because of the extensive design time. You begin with a sturdy backing collar and then glue petals from several roses to the cardboard with Oasis Floral Adhesive. (This is a glue especially designed for flower petals).

The flowers must be designed within a day of the wedding and coated thoroughly with a flower sealant for the bouquet to stay fresh throughout the wedding day. Don't choose this as a DIY project unless you have plenty of help!

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

This unusual bouquet has a frame of calla lilies held together with decorative wire . The vivid colors, maidenhair fern and lily grass make for a striking wedding bouquet.

Sisal Wedding Bouquet

Using an unusual product from Oasis, Sisal is a natural plant fiber that has been dyed brilliant colors.

It's so much fun to weave over tops of bouquets and wire into place as unique bride bouquets holders or collars.

Here is another way sisal is used as a frame and bouquet handle.

Pomanders and Decorative Wire

These type of unique bridal bouquets are called Pomanders (sometimes referred to as "flower kissing balls"). They take a whole new look combined with bling-bling. Using decorative wire as handles instead of ribbon makes for a welcome change.

Decorative Grasses and Wire Bouquet

Gluing beading to lemon grass and looping over your flowers is a great look. Combined with a do-it-yourself wire collar in a beautiful Elegant bouquet holder makes this bouquet awesome!

The Lemon grass bursting forth from this bouquet is sprayed with a white sparkle and a pearl is glued to each grass tip with flower glue.

Dramatic flower jewelry is literally dripping from Leptospurmum (also known as a Tea Tree) branches. Elegant to the extreme!!

Bridal Bouquet with Feathers and Decorative Wire

With a dark colored cone as a handle, this bouquet is overlayed with a network dome of wires and an accent of feathers trailing down the side.

Above photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

Seeded Euculyptus

This purple wedding bouquet is truly spectacular and deserves an honorable mention among all the other unique bridal bouquets. This has 75 stems of Muscari which are encircled with a dozen "Cool Water" roses, green draping amaranthus, blue delphinium and framed with five stems of seeded euculyptus.

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