Unique Bridal Bouquet Design

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Looking for a unique bridal bouquet design? The bouquets pictured below all have an unusual design element for the discriminating bride that wants to "think out of the box".

Ornamental grasses instead of the traditional flowers is what makes the cascading fall from this bouquet. The handle is also wrapped with grasses and then wound with decorative ribbon for a coordinated look.

A similar effect has been used on this bouquet, except that daisies have been attached with floral adhesive on the grass stems.

For a truly unique look, the grass has been braided into an intricate heart shaped collar surrounding the center bouquet of roses.

The graceful, long stems of standard calla lilies have been used to the advantage in this style. A framework of callas surrounded the central clustered flowers.

This is called a "composite" bouquet. Created to look like one large flower, it is actually many petals of Asiatic lilies separated and wired together to create this breathtakingly simple bouquet. There is a certain level of skill required to assemble this design.

Adding feathers can be a fun way to add more color or texture elements to your nosegay.

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