Uglu Flower Adhesive

Uglu flower adhesive has just hit the floral market and the stuff is wonderful! There are so many uses for it that I will never service another wedding without having a box in my kit.

I like the strips, because they are pre-cut into very managable (but generous) 1" x 3" size. You can cut them smaller if needed - but these are perfect for a lot of different uses.

Usually I have to pin ribbon to table skirts using corsage pins or drape over a bouquet table clamp. But I quickly attached the ribbon right to the disposable skirting by using these handy Iglu Adhesive strips! There was also an ugly gap in the skirts, but I quickly sealed the gap with another strip.

Use it to turn ho-hum wedding vases into sleek designer vases. You can even use the Iglu adhesive to adhere fresh flowers directly to the vase for a very cool look.

Adding interesting elements to the outside of glass vases gives a lot of visual pazzaz as well. Here she is attaching a band of colored sisal to the outside of the floral vase with Iglu adhesive strips.

Corsages have become faster than ever. Put away the glue gun, because you can press the bow on firmly with a strip and then use Floral Adhesive to glue your flowers in.

Flower jewelry can be attached to the sides of vases for a sparkling designer look.

Think how easy and fast it will be to attach pew bows!

You can easily attach fresh or silk flowers OUTSIDE the vase! If you use fresh, be sure to coat the flower thoughly with a flower sealant before doing this step.

To remove the Uglu Flower adhesive, simply take a hold of the glue and pull gently until it pops loose. Uglu will not damage the surface of wood, glass, doors, pews and other hard surfaces. It removes cleanly leaving no reside.

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