Tulle Wedding Decorations

Creative Ways of Decorating with Tulle

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Tulle wedding decorations are a way to fill in a large area with an inexpensive product. Be careful when storing tulle for long periods of time to keep carefully wrapped around a bolt. Tulle creases and wrinkles easily, making it very difficult to decorate with if crumpled into large plastic bags.

Creative draping around candelabras makes for an elegant look. Use electrical zip ties for easy on and easy off. Don't be afraid to allow some of your material to spill onto the floor.

Just greenery and tulle adds a graceful touch. Don't try to be too exact or pull the fabric too tightly.

Here the wide swath of tulle is simply gathered tightly at the top, right under the candles. Then it is allowed to fall openly to the floor.

All photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved

Floral supplies are available in my store, including the cages needed to easily create florals on candelabras as shown above.

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