Tulle Wedding Decoration

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These lovely tulle wedding decoration ideas can be incorporated in the church, outdoor ceremonies or the reception hall. Soft billowing clouds of tulle take on a dreamy air of romance - while saying within your budget at the same time!

Surround the simple framework of a chuppah or a wedding arch with large bolt tulle. I use zip ties to fasten the tulle to the stand. (Zip ties can be found in the electrical section of a hardware store. They are plastic ties used for securing large electrical cords together.)

The flowers below are created on florist cages which have a handle bored with a hole for easy attachment.

Use can use other material instead of tulle. I like using curtain sheers, which come in an amazing array of colors. The best part is that you can recyle them to hang on the windows of your new home after the wedding is over!

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