Tulle Pew Bows

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Tulle pew bows can add a huge decorating element to your wedding for a relatively cheap cost.  Tulle comes in a large array of colors and is very easy to work with. One note, however . . . don't store your creations in a plastic bag or Rubbermaid box.  Pin the tails of the bow and hang on a plastic clothes hanger.  Otherwise they get crushed very easily and are hard to restore to their former fluffiness.

Basic tulle bow with loops rather than cut tails as above.

The first tulle bow, however, is made a little differently.  I use a Mini Deco in the center to allow you to insert either fresh or silk flowers. 

Using different colors of tulle or assorted varieties of flowers can make the bows for your wedding look very customized.

Create a different look by adding a few stems of flowers and tying a length of tulle around the tails so they fan out instead of falling straight down.

This photo of a lovely pew bow was submitted by one of the brides who is a fan of my website. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing!

Lynn dethorned two roses, added a sprig of Babies Breath and attached a puffy bow beneath the roses. She then tied them to a pew end. Beautiful!

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