Tulle Netting Bow

Using tulle netting for bows is a wonderful (but inexpensive) way to turn your wedding aisles filled with a dreamy decor. Soft tulle comes in 6" inches wide with 25 yards to a bolt. It is available in white, ivory, pink, blue, yellow, lavender and green. With a little effort, you can turn tulle into stunning bows that are easy to make. I've had a lot of requests for this popular bow and decided to turn it into a step by step tutorial for you.

Materials needed:

    5 - 7 yards of tulle
    mini deco Oasis foam
    Regular Ribbon (optional)

    Cut out lengths of about 12 - 14". The measurements don't have to be perfect, since you'll be creating a circle around the mini deco foam and use that as a eventual guide.

    Using sharp scissors is a must. Dull or jagged scissors can snap and pull on the tulle. I often buy a cheap pair of scissors at a dollar store to use on wedding ribbon only. (Don't use scissors to cut wire or flower stems! Flower stems crush easily and cutting with scissors can make them unable to take up water. Always cut stems with a sharp knife or floral scissors.

    Cut out three lengths approximately the same size. You will be using these lengths of tulle to braid and eventually tie into a circle that fits around the Mini Deco. Now on to the next step of this tulle bow tutorial.

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