Tulle Fabric Tails

Now you will cut the tulle fabric into a long length for the tails that will fall from the bow to the floor. Cut just a little longer than you intend, since you will be trimming the bows to length after it is completely done.

Roll out approximately two yards of tulle.

Cut the fabric cleanly with sharp shears.

The length of the fabric will be doubled, creating two tails that will drop down from your actual pew bow. If you'd like, you can create a lot more than two tails if you'd like your bow fuller.

For a different look that brings in more color, considering adding colored tulle to your bow for a variegated look.

Space the colors evenly around the bow for a more symmetrical look.

Tie the lengths of tulle to the bottom edge of the braided circle that you created in the previous step of the tutorial.

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