Tulle Bow Tutorial

This tulle bow tutorial is a lot easier than it looks! Check out step by step photos on how to create stunning bows that can grace your wedding aisle, decorate your church doors, attach to tall candelabras and more!

How much tulle you'll need will depend on how large of bow you want and how full you want it. You can scale back, but you will generally need at least 12 yards of tulle to make a bow as large as the ones demonstrated below.

1. Cut the Tulle into Uniform Lengths

2. Braid Tulle into a Round Circle

3. Create a Circle to go around an Oasis Deco

4. Attaching Bow Tails

5. Attaching Lengths of Tulle to Circle

6. Braided Circle Size

7. Filling Out the Bow

8. Attaching the Foam Deco

9. Adding the Flowers

10. Pink Roses

11. Attaching and Trimming the Bow

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I carry all the florist supplies you need to create your own wedding flowers. I would like to remind you that it is helpful for you to do as much work ahead of time as possible (such as creating the bows above).

Leaving things to the last minute causes you unnecessary stress on your wedding day! Planning ahead, ordering early and doing as much prep work as you can before your wedding day will ensure that things will run smoothly.

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