Tulip Wedding Bouquets

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Tulip wedding bouquets are a beautiful burst of color in spring. They come in a great many varieties and look lovely when gathered together in a clutch.

The tulip bouquet has certain considerations, however. Wiring them can be tricky because tulips still tend to grow even after they have been cut! Because tulip stems are hollow, is it a delicate flower and very thirsty. Be sure to keep the stems in water right up to the last minute. Be aware that the warmth of your hand can cause them to open up similar to a rose!

The bouquet below is accented with salal tips and looped ribbon. Very simple and chic!

Keep in mind that tulips are considered to be a spring flower and may not be available all year. Although some may be imported from Holland, they are considered to be hothouse and may run more on the expensive side.m I also warn my brides that the heads of the tulips will be smaller than those sold in the springtime.

Binding the stems together with ribbon or wire makes this bouquet easy to assemble and beautiful to look at. You can accent with pearl or rhinestone headed pins, making sure to bury the tip of the pin deep in the stalks of the flowers.

Tulips are such a water loving flower that they work perfect for a submerged arrangement for your bridal table. Using pins, decorative wire and mini cubes of Rainbow foam by Smithers-OASIS, this simple tulip wedding bouquet is a certain success!

With a decorative Rainbow Foam Design Rings by Smithers-OASIS, tulip bouquets create a truly innovative design that is a delight to the eye! With no greening necessary, this arrangement is so easy to make. Most florists try to conceal their "mechanics". The color foam is meant to be PART of the design.

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