Tropical Wedding
Dress Your Tables
Like an Island Paradise!

Love a tropical wedding? Dress your reception hall like the South Seas by putting the feel of the islands in everything from the bridal table to each individual place setting. Towering palm centerpieces, orchids on the napkins and leis around the necks of your guests creates the romance! Hot tropic flowers drenched in exotic colors will dazzle your guests and make your island theme come alive!

Tropical Wedding Flowers

Decorating for a tropical wedding comes easy if you take your cue from the flowers themselves. One of the most interesting aspects of tropicals is that they not only come in a wide array of colors . . .the shape and texture of the flowers are interesting as well.

The photo below are just a few of the many interesting flowers in the tropical family.

Oncidium orchids come in a long spray and make a nice addition to a flowing cascade. This dainty orchids with a brownish throat are a bright spot in bouquets, corsages and tropical wedding centerpieces.

I absolutely love Dendrobium orchids. These also come in a long flowing spray. You can cut off the individual blooms for unique tropical corsages and boutonnieres, but take it easy with handling the blooms. Be sure to use Finishing Touch to keep the blooms as fresh as possible.

Commonly found in flower shops in white and fuscia . . you can sometimes order dyed varieties in purples and blues.

Antheriums are a very waxy, majestic flower. Blooms cut from a plant, these tropical beauties last a long time. They like warmer temperatures instead of refrigeration and love to be misted frequently. They come in whites, greens, and red hues.

You simply cannot have tropical wedding centerpieces without trying in include a Bird of Paradise SOMEWHERE! You don't have to buy many . . .figure on a large stem and a bulb like head. Carefully slit the head with a sharp knife to help the crown open fully for your wedding centerpieces. Like the antherium, they prefer to be kept in regular room temperature instead of a cool refrigerator.

Tuberoses have a heady fragrance . . .no matter what wedding theme, I love adding them to bridal bouquets.

Cymbidium orchids are very reasonable priced compared with other flowers of a similar size and elegance. They come in a variety of colors from lilacs, to greens, to yellow, white and pinks. The blooms are large and work well as a focal point of a tropical bridal bouquet centerpiece.

There are so many more flowers that fit into this theme, it's hard to show them all. Would you like to see more? Check out the pages on Tropical Bridal Bouquets and Centerpieces for more wonderful ideas for decorating for a tropical wedding paradise!

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