Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

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Tropical wedding centerpieces don't have to be ALL tropicals (which can run more expensive). Add in some common flowers - like purple carnations in with the green cymbidium orchids. You still have the feel . . . but at a cheaper price tag!

Photo courtesy John Henry

Pincushions on painted birch sticks are balanced on a glass vase filled with sand and sea shells. Brings a bit of the beach to every table centerpiece!

Notice the glass vase sits on top of a large broad leaf. Branches add an interesting effect when wired dendrobium orchids are suspended over the table.

Tropical Wedding Decorations

If you are out on the beach, you may want to keep your centerpieces low because of the wind and sea breezes. But if you have tall ceilings or areas that you want a dramatic display, see these beautiful wedding decorations!

Here is a beach wedding topiary with palm branches towering over a lovely tropical centerpieces of brightly colored vases in an urn shaped vase.

Photo courtesy John Henry

Tropical Wedding Cakes

Keep your tropical cake simple. A cymbidium orchid dresses it with an exotic look without competing with the rest of your decorations.Want more zing? Add a touch of fuschia or electric blue with a few blossoms from a dendrobium stem.

Photo courtesy John Henry

You can promote more of a feeling of the islands by suggesting your guests come in casual beach shirts or tropical dresses. Be sure to mention this in your wedding invitations so half aren't dressed casual and the other half in suits and cocktail dresses!

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Tropical Wedding Favors

Fun favors for your island wedding could be a miniature tube of sunscreen, small pails filled with shells or an inexpensive pair of sunglasses. Enjoy your beach wedding!

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