Tropical Bridal Bouquets

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Tropical bridal bouquets are so beautiful. They can contain majestic orchids, cascading dendrobiums, bright colored pincushions and waxy antheriums. These tropical flowers can fit naturally into a beach wedding or add a new bright twist to a traditional ceremony!

Cascading Tropical Wedding Bouquet

This lovely cascade has a waterfall effect with fuscia dendrobium orchids and a focal point of purple japhet orchids. The yellow pincushion protea, decorative grass and velvety yellow kangaroo paws make this tropical combination absolutely stunning!

Tropical floral arrangements don't always have to be red. This unusual cascade combines a tropical feel with a more subtle effect of ivory and soft peach. It is made with white anthuriums, soft peach roses and a delicate accent of feathery astilbe.

These unique island wedding flowers contain two pincushion proteas, two read dahlias, red Anuschka roses and red Novelty spray orchids.

Stunning tropical bouquets can be complimented with the bright purple of Florigene "Moonshadow" miniature carnations. This cascade also has green anthurium, red hypercum berries, a gloriosa lily, red callas and sprays of Red Vanda orchids.

This crescent bridal bouquet uses a Belle wedding bouquet holder and is enclosed in a Posy Pocket. It is accented with bouquet jewelry and decorative wire.

Tropical bridal bouquets in dominate green shades are awesome with the focus being on green cybidium orchids Complementing flowers include yellow lilies, green dendrobium orchids, a dozen blue roses, purple dendrobium stems and some yellow solidago as filler.

All photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

This single purple Vanda orchid would work well as a simple bridal bouquet or as a complimentary bridesmaid bouquet.

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