Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional wedding cakes are timeless. They are generally stacked or tiered, white icing and (usually) made of white cake. You may have a more fun by topping it with a retro bride and groom cake topper.

This lovely cake is accented with fresh white gardenias cascading down the side. The bottom of the cake is surrounded by salal leaf tips.

Wedding cake prices on these types of traditional wedding cakes will probably be more of the mid-range scale, since your baker will probably not have to buy new equipment, pans or separator plates since these have been around for years. Buttercream icing is also cheaper than the newer, more popular fondant.

The cake below is covered with orchids as well . . .these are called phalaenopsis. Although they are not as fragrant as the gardenias above, they are still a beautiful addition to your wedding cake. The blossoms are actually cut from a plant and are therefore more pricey than roses or daisies.

Decked with roses and babies breath, this very old fashioned cake also has the added bonus of bouvardia - a delicate white flower.

Flanked with silver tableware on a white cloth, this cake is very beautiful!

All photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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