Traditional Church Wedding Decorations

Church Flowers for the Altar

Traditional church wedding decorations are usually large and symmetrical. They must be large enough to be viewed from ten to forty feet away and still have enough size in relation to the sanctuary space.

Symmetrical or Mirror Images

Symmetrical wedding floral arrangements just means what you do to one side of the church - you do to the other to "balance" it out. To give a uniformed look - the arrangements are generally made to be mirror images of each other.

If you were to have long trails of ivy coming out of the right side of an arrangements - the other spray should have the ivy trailing out of the left side of the other arrangement to complete the "mirror image" look.


A traditional "fan spray" is one sided, usually backed with greenery, and faces out towards the guests in the chairs or pews. Choosing a tall linear flowers that fan out in a sweeping arch gives the wedding flower arrangement height and definition.

Use larger bolder and brighter colored flowers such as lilies to make a bigger impact in your large floral sprays. Oriental lilies such as these Stargazers are very large, but Asiatic lilies make a nice showing at a more economical cost.

Make a Big Show with Ferns

If cost is a big factor, large Boston ferns make a beautiful showing for a minimal cost! Be sure to shake them thoroughly outside first before placing them in the urns. This will save you lots of vacuuming at the last minute!

Above photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved

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