Topiary Wedding Table Centerpieces

Topiary wedding table centerpieces can be a stunning display on your reception tables. You must, however, take special care to ensure that this tall centerpiece is stabilized and sits solidly on the table.

You will need:

Lightly spray a few squirts of the Floralock on the top of the clear column. Don't overdo or you'll have glue running down the sides.

Take the netted ball and push it onto the hollow column.

    I recommend that you attach the sphere and the column, insert the flowers and then TRANSPORT SEPARATELY from the Oasis base. Why?

    Because completed and assembled topiaries are hard to transport. It's better if you do the final assembly at the venue.

The netting will keep the ball from sliding down the pole. I also recommend that you take either your bind wire or decorative wire and twist it around the neck of the column (right under the ball) take it over the foam and twist again for the other side. This is just an extra precaution that your topiary centerpieces don't fall off the top of the columns during your wedding reception.

If you desire, cover the center pole with willow branches, birch branches, flower stems, tulle, ribbon or whatever you desire. You can also keep the column clear and drop lights down into it right before assembly at the reception hall.

Insert your flowers. How many you need will depend on the size of the netted ball and the size of the flower heads you choose.

Secure the stems with Floralock.

Stop at this point and decorate your base - making sure you leave room to insert the column down when delivery is completed.

Always finish fresh wedding arrangements with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. If you are doing this topiary wedding table centerpiece in advance, be sure to rewater the Oasis as needed to keep it completely wet. (You'll be surprised how much water fresh flowers pull out of the Oasis!)

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