Topiary Wedding Decorations

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Topiary wedding decorations give some height to wedding table tops. These beautiful centerpieces can be very formal or rustic, depending on how you raise the flowers.

Lavender and Pink Topiary

The suggested retail price for this pink topiary is a whopping$190! With the right floral supplies, you can be in the pink with making these decorations yourself!

Mixed Silk and Fresh Topiary

This rustic topiary is actually a mixture of both fresh and silk.The branches are curly willow mixed with myrtle and italian ruscus.

Miniature Myrtle Topiary

This topiary centerpiece is created with an Oasis Iglu Holder and fresh myrtle. Birch twigs form the center branches.

Wheat and Roses

This unusual centerpiece is made from dried wheat and fresh roses.

All photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Using an Oasis Sphere or Iglu, it is possible to make so many different kinds of topiaries - match one in your wedding colors! If you need floral supplies, check out my store below. Because I know it's hard to find certain items, I carry everything you need to create your own invitations, baking, and floral arrangements. A lot of this stuff is available only thru a wholesale distributor.

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