Tiki Lights Decorated for a Wedding

Lighting Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

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Tiki lights decorated with greenery and flowers add a tropical look to your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. These lights range from very cheap bamboo to more expensive wrought iron look. While the bamboo poles give a Hawaiian flair to your wedding, the metal ones can give a sophisticated look for a black tie evening.

This is an easier alternative to hanging lights for an outdoor wedding reception. They don't required any electrical power. You just place them where ever it is convenient!

Look at the tiki light pictures below. You will see it is very easy to decorate them. I bought this bamboo Tiki light from a local discount store called Big Lots.

Buying them at the discount store was cheaper than buying the tiki torches wholesale.

At a $1.50, it was a true bargain. I doubt if there can be any less expensive way to decorate with outdoor lighting.

Be sure to have diagonal wire cutters. You will also need florist tape (like I used) or a binding cord tie. For me, the florist green tape that stretches is easier because it is one-handed.

I purchased tropical looking silk bushes to decorate this tiki torch. You may use fresh greens - but it is easier to do it ahead of time if you use silk.

I taped two bushes on opposite sides of the tiki torch with regular clear tape, just to get it started. Then I began covering it with the florist green tape. Keep adding bushes around the sides of thebamboo.

Add enough bushes until you are satisfied with the look. I usually count four bushes each when I am using tiki lights decorated for a special event.

Pull some of the leaves down to give a draping effect over the bow.

If you wish, add a bow to match your wedding.

Leave green or add flowers if you wish. These orange lilies added a festive tropical look to the tiki lights.

I purchased the black wrought iron tiki lights below at a local Wal-Mart store. They will bring so much beauty to your wedding that you'll be happy to use them on your patio after the big night is over.

Tiki lights decorated this way are super easy because I used linked florist foam from OASIS. I simply snipped two links off a garland strand, greened them up and tucked in a few flowers. The torch had a convenient hook on the side. I hung the garland and tied it with a length of purple tulle.

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