Tiger Lily Wedding

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Although brides refer to them as Tiger Lily wedding flowers, these lilies are part of the Lilium Asiatic hybrid family. The orange ones are known by different variety names, such as Elite, Monte, or Prato. (Pictured below.)

Photo courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

Tiger Lily Bridal Bouquet

The orange color is so vibrant that a bouquet of these just burst with color! A tiger lily bouquet photographs very well against a white gown. Be sure to pull off any pollen so it doesn't stain your dress.

This bouquet is framed by light green maidenhair fern.

Photo courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

Tiger Lily Cake

The tiger lilies on this cake looks stunning - yet is so easy to decorate!

Picture protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Be sure to use the unopened buds in boutonnieres, in bouquets, or on your wedding cakes. They add texture and interest. Notice this bride paired the dramatic tiger lily with a bright burgandy carnation and orange roses.

Other secondary filler flowers you may want to consider is hypericum berries, yellow spray roses, yellow solidego and miniature carnations.

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