Tier Wedding Cake

A Tier Wedding Cake gives a lovely height and elegance to a bridal table. Whether you enhance it with candlelight or romance it with a flowing fountain, these cakes are a time honored tradition across the world.

Think that tiered cakes have gone out of style? Take a look at some of these beauties.

The tall Grecian tiers on the bottom of this Lily-of-the-Valley cake allows for another surprise - a mini tiered surprise!

3-Tier Wedding Cake

This delicate 3-tier wedding cake is a thing of beauty. The rose petals blanketing each layer are actually made of fondant! Elegant to the nth degree . . . this one is sure to be a favorite!

2-Tier Wedding Cake

As you can see by the pictures of tiered cakes, you are not limited to the size or shaped of the cakes. Round cakes, oval cake, squared cakes all work with wedding columns and tiered wedding stands.

This 2-tiered delight actually features a stacked tier on the top and one tier on the bottom.

These scrolled pillars are actually "painted" with a thin coat of tinted icing to match the pink on the wedding cake.

4 Tier Wedding Cake

One center column tier stand is used on this magnificent cake to give it a towering height. Fresh roses are placed between the tiers that match the wedding flowers carried by the bride.

Wedding Cake with Separator Ring

This tiered wedding cake is given height with a molded separator ring instead of the traditional pillars or columns. The delicate embossing you see on this cake is called "overpiping". This is where the decorations are built up layer by layer of icing until you have a three dimensional look.

This traditional wedding cake has two toppers, one in between the two layers and one on the top.

All Photos courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Instead of individual pillars or columns, this tier wedding cakeis separated by a stand. It has 4 tiers plus 4 small satellite circling the base.

6 Tiered Wedding Cake

This romantic wedding cake has 6 tiers - but 4 of them are separate and off to the side. A lighted water fountain was placed under the base and candles were use to give it romantic lighting. Notice one of the offset cakes is also a tiered wedding cake.

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