The Perfect Wedding Cake

Begins with the Right Wedding Cake Supplies - Wilton!

The perfect wedding cake looks gorgeous, tastes exquisite and . . .(for the do-it-yourself bride!) is fairly easy to make! Cake decorating by Wilton couldn't be easier. They provide top quality products designed to keep the art of wedding cakes as simple as possible

Cake Pans by Wilton

The perfect wedding cake has to start in the oven! You are always guaranteed a quality cake pan; Wilton stands behind their products!

Classic, durable aluminum pans assure you perfect shapes, evenly browned surfaces that release easily from the pans.

The Performance Pans™ will serve you well in your kitchen after the wedding is over. You’ll use them for casseroles, entrees, baked desserts and more. Wilton has sold millions of Performance Pans because professional decorators and bakers know they can depend on them.

Wilton wedding cake pans come in a wide variety of shapes such as hexagon, heart, round, oblong and oval. Be sure that the your wedding cake begins with perfect pans!

Wedding Cake Baking Supplies

Wilton also has a large assortment of cake baking supplies that can help the do-it-yourself bride cut down on the time needed for decorating the cake.

Ready to use products such as rolled fondant, Creamy White Buttercream Icing Mix and other ready to use Decorator Icings and gels do a lot of the hard work for you!

Rolled Fondant Icing

Love the look of smooth rolled fondant icing? Check out the Fondant Tools page that describes cake decorating supplies by Wilton especially for fondant.

Wilton No-Color Flavorings

Cake decorators trust Wilton flavorings for great taste that won't change icing consistancy or color. These flavorings are so concentrated that they only take a drop or two to add delicious taste to your wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes, candies and more!

Wedding Favors and Candies

Wilton makes edible FoodWriters that look like "magic markers" that write with food coloring. Delicate writing, messages and finishing touches can be put directly on your cake or wedding favors with ease. You can also add colorful designs to your perfect wedding cake with Cake Stamps! Combined with Brush On Color, cake decorating has never been easier.

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