Thank You Poems

Thank You Sayings to Attach to
Wedding Favors

Whether attaching thank you poems to your gift favors or printing them in a wedding bulletin, you should always follow up with individual sentiments to each guest that comes to your ceremony and reception. Here are some fun thank you sayings to use when thanking guests for coming:

  • The music has played
    The vows have been said
    Promises made . . .
    For our life that's ahead

  • Thank you for sharing
    in our precious day
    Your love and your presence
    Means more than we can say

  • Our vows have been spoken
    With a love that is true
    We're so glad that you came
    Here's a small gift to say "thank you"!

  • The joy that we feel today
    After saying "I do"
    Has been multiplied greatly,
    By the presence of YOU!

  • A great many thanks to you,
    You've brought much delight
    And helped make our wedding day
    More happy and bright!

Thank You Quotes for Hershey Kiss Bags

These small quotes are sweet on those Hershey kiss and Hershey Hugs bundles!

  • Much love and kisses,
    from the new Mr. and Mrs.!

  • Many hugs and kisses
    From the new Mr. and Mrs.!

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