Taping Florist Foam
into the Urn

Taping your florist foam securely into the container is one more safeguard that your floral designs will survive transport and handling without the flowers shifting in the container.

Florist use a narrow waterproof tape that securely bonds to most container surfaces.  It does come in different widths, but I like to use the 1/4" that is available in both green and white.  Florists commonly refer to this as "green tape" or "greening tape".

Wipe off any moisture on the rims on the run to assure good contact.  Once attached, the tape usually adheres well even if water gets on the container.

Pull the tape snugly across the top of the foam from side to side.

Cut the tape with a sharp florist knife.  Please note that if you use scissors, you run the risk of a glue reside gumming up the blades of your scissors.

Leave an anchor of about 1/2" inch on the sides of your container.  Don't worry - if you green in properly, the flowers and greenery will conceal the tape from showing on the sides of your design.

Follow with another run of tape across the foam, forming and "x" across the saturated florist foam.

You can see I left plenty of foam showing above the rim of the container.  This makes it easier to insert the stems horizontally from the sides once you begin greening in your flower arrangement.

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