Tapered Candles

Tapered candles are traditionally used in candelabras, floral centerpieces and other wedding work. It is important that you use a high quality candle, since the cheaper ones tend to melt down quickly and can look rather messy by the end of a long reception dinner.

I tend to like candles made by Patrician. These long tapers are reputable, have a minimum of dripping and are generally low smoking when extinguished.

They are sold by length and come in a large variety of colors. I typically use 15 inch for most wedding work. All sizes sold in my online store are individually wrapped in cellophane which protects the finish on each candle.

As you can see, candles can range from a short 8 inches up to a very tall 24 inch length.

Candles come in various colors, including white, ivory, red, rose, blue, orange, black, peach, purple, lavender, apple green. Holiday colors such as gold, silver, holiday red and green are also available.

Whether using for an upright candelabra or a tabletop holder, be sure to always take steps to protect the surface beneath the candles. Currents of air conditioning or light drafts can cause even dripless candles to run over at times.

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