Tall Wedding Centerpieces

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Tall wedding centerpieces help to fill up a reception hall with high ceilings or wide open spaces. Centerpieces should either be tall enough to see under or low enough that guests can make eye contact with one another during the dinner hour. Nothing is more annoying than to try to carry on a conversation while trying to peer around an enormous floral arrangement.

Silver or Gold candelabras are cheaper if rented through a wedding rental agency. Down below you can see an acrylic stand (much like a cake stand) called a Lomey Design System that is fairly inexpensive and is frequently used by professional florists in creating a multitude of different design styles for elevated centerpieces.

This lovely arrangement is made primarily with white roses and Casa Blanca lilies was created using a Lomey Design System.

You can make a similar arrangement look very different simply by mixing up the colors. Vibrant Stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, pink Gerbera daisies, yellow Asiatic lilies and white daisies create a brilliant show of color.

Browse through my store and flower tutorials to learn how to make your own wedding centerpieces. Tall florals like those above should be designed separately, transported to the reception hall and then assembled. They are simply too awkward to transport all in one piece without destroying the design.

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