Tall Thin Vase

Another way to place an arrangement on top of a tall thin vase is to use a clear Lomey bowl. These bowls come in assorted sizes and depths.

You can attach them to a Lomey extension rod with either Lomey Adhesive (made expressly for Lomey Design Systems) or florist clay , which holds extremely well even when wet.

The Lomey glue is permanent, whereas you can take the different pieces apart later when using florist clay. (Although it takes a little bit of work!)

The biggest advantage of using this container is that is is deep and holds a large chunk of Oasis foam. The disadvantage is that unless you have a lot of low hanging greens and flowers, your guests may be able to see the green foam when they are seated and looking up at the elevated centerpiece.

Be sure to raise the Oasis foam at least a couple inches over the rim of the acrylic dish so that you can insert your greens and flower stems at a side angle.

This will allow you to have a more sweeping rounded arrangement rather than simply flowers sticking straight up. It all depends on the type of design you are planning to create.

As you can see from the top view, this centerpiece container holds full half of brick of Oasis. When you have a lot of flowers, you'll find that they suck up water quickly. If done in advance, be sure to keep the flowers watered.

One note - do NOT fasten the bowls to the vase ahead of time. Design in the bowls and take the centerpieces to the reception venue and THEN attach the bowls onto the rods and insert into the narrow necked vase. This will make transportation much easier than if you were to try to assemble everything at home and then transport. That is simply a nightmare waiting to happen!!

The clear container could be an advantage if you used a product that was MEANT to be seen. This would be something like colored florist foam , decorative wire or colorful water beads . These products are not only part of the mechanics, they are actually meant to be a visible part of the design.

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