Tall Floral Table Centerpiece

Wholesale Floral Supply Products

Before making a tall floral table centerpiece, you will need certain products that are usually available only from a wholesale floral supply.

If you plan on Do It Yourself wedding flowers, realize that tall wedding floral arrangements are more time consuming and take longer to set up. Be sure you have plenty of help and someone who can stay to finish up if you have to rush off to an appointment on your wedding day.

Eiffel Tower Vase

An Eiffel Tower Vase is a popular hand-blown vase ranging from 7 sizes. They are available from 12" to 38". Base is approximately 4" - 4 1/2" in diameter. You need to have a tall enough vase that your guests can see one another from across the table. These vases are hand blown - so remember every vase WON'T be an "exact" same as another.

These vases may be a little more "tipsy" if you put too heavy of flower arrangements on the top. (Safety tip: when I use these vases on top of mirrors, I roll a teensy ball of Florist Clay into ball and put one on all four corners of the bottom of the Empire Vase. I then press it firmly onto the mirror. Bingo! Stabilizes the vase against tipping over.)

eiffel tower vase 01

Florists also create tall centerpieces by using the Lomey Design System. This is a combination of different columns or risers made of acrylic and glued to dishes with a special adhesive.

Topiaries can incorporate twigs, sticks and other natural mechanics to achieve an elevated centerpiece.

Whether you use an Empire vase or another container to create your tall floral table centerpiece, the basic products you need will be the same.

I carry many more wholesale floral supply products in my wedding store including church wedding decorations, tulle, ribbons, balloon products and more when decorating for a wedding receptions.

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