Tall Clear Glass Vases

If you are using tall clear glass vases for your reception centerpieces, you may come across some listings (notably on E-bay) which advertise the Belle Holder shown below as "Eiffel Tower Vase Large Flower Foam TOPS".

I carry these same bouquet holders in my own online store - but I don't usually recommend them for use as a Tower vase topper.

As a professional wedding florist, my goal is always to produce beautiful arrangements and HIDE the mechanics. I just can't stand the sight of those white handles sticking down inside the neck of the vases!

Notice most times when they are pictured that the vases are always white or blue!

Tall vases with large floral arrangements on top can be unbalanced because of the center of gravity. Now ostrach feathers aren't that big of a problem, but of you start putting fresh flowers at the top of those tall vases you need to consider how to stabilize the vase.

I recommend using a clear extension rod to help balance the weight on the top. These clear acrylic extenders can be snipped with wire cutters to the specific length you need.

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