Tall Centerpieces

Tall centerpieces that aren't overly large (more than a dozen stems of flowers or feathers) have a couple different choices in Oasis cages.

This first cage comes in regular and Grande (pictured below) and is called an Iglu .

Keep in mind that a cage like this has no water reservoir (such as a bowl or vase does) and will dry out quicker. If you make your arrangement up ahead of time, you will need to rewater it unless you are using silk flowers.

Yes - you can use these cages for silk - just be sure to dip the ends of your silks into white or floral glue to be sure they adhere to the foam.

As you can see, the Grande Lomey cage is a very generous size of foam and works nicely for this type of arrangement.

You will want to design your flowers on the cage separately, transport them to your venue and then attach them to the vases right before setting them on the tables.

You can either put florist clay on the cage or on the rim of the vase (whichever is easier). You can also use a new peel and stick product that has been recently introduced by Oasis. This adhesive is impervious to water - but you have to swab the vase with rubbing alcohol first to be sure the surface is prepped so the adhesive won't slid loose because of a film of dust or dirt.

Press down firmly to attach the cage to the top of this tall vase.

Florist clay can be pried off the vase for resuse - but it is pretty sticky and holds firmly, even if moisture is present.

Another option is a Pedestal cage, which is very similar to an Iglu. This flat bottomed cage is filled with green foam and can be used for either fresh or silk flowers.

Attach it in the same manner as shown above the the Oasis Iglu.

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