Table Centerpiece

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There are imaginative ways to design a table centerpiece that is easy to do, and bring appreciative admiration from your guests.

The newest in centerpiece design is the use of clear vases in decorative ways. Prettily mounded tops to these elevated vases gives a "Martha Stewart" feel that is easy to recreate. Scatter matching tabletop pieces around your hall as well to give a visual mix of high and low.

Create a Oasis ring quickly by following easy, step-by-step directions. These are easy to do up in advance because they have a built-in water tray that makes it easy keep the flowers fresh. Have fun by putting a clear vase in the center of the table and put a goldfish or two in swimming for a cool effect!

Choose interesting containers, line them if they aren't waterproof, and make your own. It's not as hard as it looks and saves a lot of money.

Battery lights, water beads and other special effects creates a lot of beauty at each table.

Look at the fun way apples were incorporated into this table centerpiece to hold menu choices.

Oriental lilies such as Stargazers have very long stems, which you can use to create an instant topiary style centerpiece.

Here's another way to use a design ring, pinning on exotic cymbidium orchids for a circular centerpiece.

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