SuperWet Bouquet Holders

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These SuperWet Bouquet Holders by OASIS® are one of my newest "favorite" wedding design products. They come in both white and green - but I love using the green to make faux hand tied bouquets . The green handle makes it easy to conceal the stems and it looks beautiful!

One of the best features is a hollow handle with a water absorbing wick inside. Simple unscrew the bottom cap and place the bouquet in a vase of water. You can design your bridal bouquet days in advance and still have it as fresh as can be!

It has a very generous amount of florist foam in the cage, so you can design very large bouquets if you wish! I've been selling many of these holders since they were recently introduced on the market and all the brides seem to love them!

Now you can have it all - a hand-tied look - with a built in hidden water source!

Trust me - if you are making your own wedding flowers, it is much easier to design in foam than it is to hand-tied your own flowers. Hand tying is more challenging than it looks.

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