SuperWet Bouquet Holder

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

The SuperWet bouquet holder by Oasis is a favorite of mine. I love the fact that it is available in green - most bouquet holders come only in white. But the green makes it so easy to complete the handle as a "faux hand-tie" bouquet style, while having the advantage of foam.

Designing in foam is MUCH easier because the flowers stay put rather than struggling to shape a huge handful of flowers. Trust me - real hand-tie bouquets are harder than they look!

The large head of quality OASIS foam holds a large amount of flowers. The green cage again is hidden easily among the flowers - where you work harder to conceal the white cage around the foam on other bouquet holders.

The European design has an bottom cap that screws off, showing a hollow handle with a built in wick. When you remove the cap and insert the finished bouquet into a vase of water, it will draw the water up to the foam head, keeping the fresh flowers hydrated just as stems would in a vase of flowers!

Always soak all bouquet holders in water that has been properly treated with the right amount of flower food. I don't consider it wise to skip this step, since the flower food properly nourishes fresh flowers and makes them last longer. Shouldn't that always be the goal with wedding flowers?

For the enormous investment even bulk flowers represent, it's always wise to go a little further and treat your flowers properly as a professional florist would.

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