Sunflower Bridal Bouquet Finish

Easy Directions for a Simple Wedding Bouquet

After adding a wire collar to the Sunflower Bridal bouquet, this tutorial finishes by adding a bow directly under the collar.

Take a long measure of your ribbon and tie it high on the stem, under the wire. This is what will tie on your bow and become the tails to your design.

Gather up at least six loops of ribbon, pinching it tightly in the center with your thumb and forefinger.

Tie this bow to the stem by using your tails of ribbon. You can either cut the tails short or leave long to dangle - your preference.

This simple wedding bouquet takes only minutes, yet looks beautiful and very chic.

Don't forget to finish with a good misting of Finishing Touch to seal and protect the sunflower head.

This bouquet can be duplicate with any large-headed flower. Consider how lovely it would be with a rose, peony, orchid, gerber daisy, Oriental lily or clusters of mass flowers.

Have bud vases ready on the tables so that your bouquet (and your bridesmaids) can be dropped into the waiting vase to create a gorgeous display at your reception.

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