Sunflower Bouquet Ribbon

Flower Directions for Do It Yourself Brides

Tucking the sunflower bouquet ribbon under the wire at the top of the flower, I begin to wrap down the stem. You will conceal the wire that you used to give the sunflower head support, plus create a pretty finish as a bouquet handle.

I wrapped down the entire length of the sunflower stem, stopping and inch or so above the cut at the bottom.

I then re-wrapped the sheer ribbon back up the stem, cutting the ribbon off at the top with about six inches to spare.

Tuck the cut end of the ribbon under the wrapped ribbon and pull it out.

Pull taut, creating a tight knot at the top of the sunflower.

I left the uncovered part of the stem at the bottom so I could stand the flower in water until needed for the wedding ceremony.

The sunflower is now ready for the next step of the tutorial.

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