Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer wedding colors that explode with hot colors! Pick out that cool summer wedding dress and let's put flowers against it that sizzle with heat!

Summer Wedding Colors

Bright summer colors have never been hotter. Dazzling oranges, hot pinks and bright greens have appeared on the wedding aisles with style. Wedding colors don't have to be muted any more.

They can make a statement as bold as your heart desires.

Let this hot pink bouquet set the standard. It is filled with a combination of bright and muted pink roses and accented with pink heather.

This purple and orange beauty is a beautiful statement of contrast and texture. It is filled with purple hyacinth, orange spray rose, "Splendid Renate" roses, orange tulips, a tough of lavender, "Moonshadow" carnations and yellow and orange ranunculus.

This bouquet combines orange roses against purple stock. Purple monte casino is used as a filler with touches of green ivy.

This brightly colored centerpiece begins with Smithers-OASIS Rainbow foam in a clear glass vase. The foam comes in a lot of different bright colors to add lots of fun to your table flowers.

Topped with bright red carnations, lime green button pomps, hypericum berries and topped with a decorative colored wire.

Rainbow Foam Design Rings by OASIS make the foam too pretty to cover up with greenery. This great design combines those summery Sunflowers with tulips and decorative wire. How easy and so much fun!

A tightly clustered grouping of summer flowers makes this centerpiece a beauty. This one combines bright orange roses, orange carnations, green amaranthus, yellow gerbera daisies and touches of hypericum berries.

The newest thing is to create your bouquet and then cover it lightly with either a fine colored design wire or a Smithers-OASIS product called sisal. You can pull it, bunch it, create bouquet collars and so much more!

The wedding design you see below is created with an OASIS Raquette block. This brick of florist foam is sealed in a green film with it's own built in tray. Simply soak and poke the flowers in. How easy is that to create your own summer garden look!

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