Summer Wedding Cakes

For me, summer wedding cakes should be full of COLOR! Hot colors are the newest trend and these cakes are no exception. Whether by the creative use of fondant, the way the table is decorated or the flowers that adorn it - these cakes are awesome!

Five tiers that stagger colors all the way down. A simple scroll design and a topping of a fondant bow.

This can be done with ANY color - pinks, reds, blues or purple. The tabletop has been elevated with a clear round glass top. Under it, lines of the same hued flower create an interesting pattern. What a showstopper!

Pink, brown and sizzlin' fuschia Gerber daisies are combined for a cake that about leaps off the table with color.

It's the color of the icing that carried this cake, encircled simply by a row of yellow roses.

Here fondant stripes on the cake give bright contrast to the orange Gerber daisies.

In a similar manner, cool green is complimented by the lavender roses.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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