Stunning Centerpieces

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Stunning centerpieces isn't a description that falls easily from a florist's lips. I've seen so many beautiful floral arrangements over my career - but these shown below are truly exceptional.

Think you've seen it all done with roses? Check out this beauty. The roses are gorgeous in themselves, but combined with the crytal gel in the vase and uplighted with a vase light - the effect ALWAYS creates stunning centerpieces. The lights are a little expensive - but can always be resold to recoup some of the cost.

Deep burgandys and rich purples mix to create a luscious display simply dripping with elegance! Roses, lavender stock, purple mini callas, magenta stock, green hanging amaranthus and purple hydrangeas create a perfect display.

The right glassware can go a long way to creating stunning centerpieces. The simple elegance of this "suspended arrangement" makes this piece high on my list. This is an extremely large champagne glass turned upside down over a pedestal glass arrangement. The price reflects it, however; the suggested retail on this piece is $369.00.

Floating orchids topped with yellow roses and fern. The true effect can't been actually recognized. Since it sits on a vase uplight as the first arrangement, the effect when the lights are dimmed is spectacular!

This breathless bouquet certainly earns the right to be included in the list of stunning centerpieces. Made with Black Magic roses on a large florist foam ball, this arrangement really isn't as difficult as it looks to be.

I love the birch branches sprayed white gathered against a large martini glass vase. This huge piece has a hefty price tag of almost $900 (it's intended to be an altar spray)but I see no reason that it couldn't be scaled down to fit comfortably on a dining table.

Large elevated sprays will alway hold an appeal for brides everywhere. Since clear glass in the new "chic", this updated version sports a large mix of roses, hypericum, astibe, white agapanthus and white lilies.

The charming thing about tulips is that they continue to grow - even after they are cut and placed in a vase. This lovely piece takes advantage of the natural beauty of white French tulips.

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All photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Email if you need more specific information about the centerpieces pictured - just be sure to include the name of the page and the description of the piece you are asking about.

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