Stunning Bridal Bouquet Ideas

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Stunning bridal bouquet ideas are overpowering bouquets . . . but bouquets that overpower! Sound like I'm talking in circles? Not really. What I mean is that an eye-catching bouquet doesn't have to be huge to be exquisite!

The unique bridal bouquet pictured below is just one single purple Vanda Orchid. Beautiful all by itself . . . it takes on a very special beauty when surrounded by a delicate frame of decorative lavender and gold wire. An extra touch of flower jewelry finishes the bouquet. Note that even the handle of the bouquet is made from twists of the decorative wire.

Would you be surprised to learn that the lovely bouquet below has only one stem of button pompons and four stems of limonium? It's unique design comes from unusual foliage - ornamental cabbage! Look close to see the lavender touches accented in the centers of the pomps with pearl-headed pins. A few twists of ornamental wire and this bouquet could easily grace the cover of Bride's magazine!

Bridal Bling Bling!

Bling rules in the latest trendy bridal bouquets! Instead of cutting the stems of the flowers short - keep them longer. Ribbon wrap the entire length down - then encase the bouquet handle with the newest thing . . .jewel rhinestone bouquet bracelets. Very chic and just the right amount of bling!! Notice the rose centers accented with rhinestone picks and the matching bling-bling on the groom's pocket square instead of the usual boutonniere.

Crystal Wedding Bouquet

This delicate crystal garland trailing from the bride's hand is a mixture of crystals, beads and decorative wire. Ten stems of light blue Belladonna Delphinium blossoms are glued up and down this flower presentation. You certainly can't call these bridal flowers boring!

All photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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